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2016-10-02 09:58 pm

It's Yuletide once again

Dear Yuletide Writer letter under the cut

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If you're more of an Apple Writer: 
Since we have learned that Charming isn't her prince, If Raven had agreed to follow their 'destiny'? Future Apple would have been poisoned might never have woken up. Having Apple realize that could have been her future would be amazing.

If none of those prompts do it for you:
In general Worldbuild, questions I'd love to see prodded at: What future are you 'allowed' to have, as a Rebel? What’s right, when you’re the 'bad guy' who makes the story for the 'good guys' - or are supposed to? What do the Royals believe the Rebels ‘deserve’ - or do they even think of their futures at all? Sleeping Beauty’s daughter realizes her happy ending is one that means all her friends will be dead and gone: let’s have more of that consideration applied to the others. What makes an ending Happy, and for Whom? 

Likes/Dislikes: I originally did this prompt without including anything, because if you're writing anything that vaguely resembles the canon you pretty much can't hit my DNW list for this fandom. That said, I know some writers like having hard lists so:
I will love love love anything at all that even vaguely looks at the above points. I'd prefer not to get a straightup femslash romance or shipfic. I don't ship these two (Though Apple/Charming is a+). That's about it.

**Spite and Malice: Placebo**

I adore this song, and I hope if you chose it you are interested in all the potential it could have. I don't have a story in my head regarding the song and who the Queens and Jack or Aces might be or what the revolution is about - I am  going to give you a bunch of tropes/vague ideas of things I love as genre and such, and you go nuts and write what catches your interest. 

Prostitution, drug running, withdrawal, mafia/crime lords, life debts, indentured work, class boundries, dubious consent, food shortages/food issues*, brilliant but too old for their years kids who have seen too much, kickass people being amazing/competent, hurt/comfort/rescue and wish fulfillment, characters afraid for their position (meeting a superior/superpower/extreme difference in class/power) and that fear played with before being resolved, gambling, card sharps, dystopias, world building, sub/dom power dynamics in a lowgrade bedroom sense, political/military surrender, politics.

Go forth and pick anything from above - seriously any point - and I will adore every word. I know open worlds can be intimidating but I can promise you I will be the happiest gal for anything you create. Just give me a somewhat resolved/goodish ending rather than rocks fall everyone dies melancholy.

If you need some more specific structured prompt ideas:

- A Card Sharp who works the streets busking during the day and may or may not hustle at night/at casinos. Gang territory and border lines - what does he cross and how bad can it get, who does he 'belong' to?

- A drug running/information running gang turf war and two young initiates stuck on either side trying to make it out.

- Ancient Magic gets rediscovered in a (insert trope) world that means a Blood Oath suddenly means whatever and exactly what you swore. Organized crime gets a lot harder to infiltrate or subsume if someone must be loyal to you no matter what...

- Wonderland in a very very different world. Alice is trying to find her way through the War of Four Queens.

DNW List:
This one can be any rating you'd like, though please no PWP.
Food issues in this case are something I adore to read about, because I've struggled myself and it's always nice to see in text. I'd ask the focus more be on health and food availability and appetite: characters who don't care what they eat so long as it's food, or who can only eat bland and comfort food with any ease. Things like purging and anorexia I'd prefer to avoid: a focus on it being a matter of survival, not self control, would be great.
Dubcon, especially when power imbalances are a thing, is cool. Please no outright non-con in text (subtext or worldbuild is fine)