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You may be acquainted with the night

but I have seen the darkness in the day

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Birthdate:Feb 17
Location:Toronto, Canada
Website:Elemental Photography

One of life's best coping mechanisms is to know the difference between an inconvenience and a problem. If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you've got a problem. Everything else is an inconvenience. Life is inconvenient. Life is lumpy. A lump in the oatmeal, a lump in the throat and a lump in the breast are not the same kind of lump. One needs to learn the difference.
~ Robert Fulghum

Amanda | Female | 24 | Canadian | Former Fan(girl) | Still Breathing.
Left wing agnostic switch hitter | Part-Time Photographer | Fantasy loving world builder | Costumer
No Drama | Occasional Moodswings | Sleepless Nights
Music + Books + Movies = Sanity
Caffeine Addict | Painkiller Junkie

When I grow up, I want to be Batgirl.
Or Bernadette Peters.

Here for photos? Then watch the journal. I post updates publicly.
Here for my real life? Then leave me a comment telling me who you are.

I support the freedom to be who you are, however you are, in the privacy of your own home. And the right to be as close to that as possible while being a decent human being while you're out of doors.
The rest is just arguing over price.

If the fact that I support equal rights for all and use my journal to express my opinion, not simply share cat macros and talk about the weather will offend you, don't friend me.

Dormiam ubi ego Morituus.
Everything in Latin seems profound.


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